What's Said About Mike

"..(Mike) reminds me most of the great Walt Kelly, who I consider the very best inker of the very best covers of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories....as well as creator of the classic strip Pogo.” "... and I like to think I know a great cartoonist when I see one.”

-- Patrick Block, Donald Duck artist for Disney Comics

"Mike Bocianowski is the new Walt Kelly! And his work on YETS! is all the proof you'll need to agree with me! His storytelling is magical and lighthearted and his animal characters possess an inner glow that can only be found in the craftmanship of a master animator from days past. Whimsical fantasy at its very best! I haven't fallen in love with a new series like this for years!"

-- CHRIS YAMBAR, writer for Bart Simpson Comics

"This serves as an excellent reminder of how much fun comics can be for all ages. Bocianowski's mix of cartoon animals and Tolkienesque fantasy is plenty delightful for both children and adults. Topics like peace, patience, friendship are handled simply enough for kids to understand without coming across as sappy or preachy to the parents. "

---Maggie Thompson, Comics Buyers Guide

It was far too long between Mike Bocianowski's initial Yets! mini-series from a few years ago and this follow-up graphic novel, which features the return of his instantly and adorably cute critter characters. That's right, adorably cute. A manly review, this is not.

Some would think some of Bocianowski's creatures are dragons, but the stories take place so long ago that they haven't been given names. Yet. Get it? But the trio of efforts in this book also features cute guinea pigs. And a cute Chihuahua. Yeah, more cute animals.

But how about this, guys: your girlfriends or wives won't be able to resist the charm of this book. Neither will your young children. In fact, neither will you. For Bocianowski's tales are good-natured and likeable; parents may not appreciate the occasional toddler-like references to certain bodily functions, but they're probably nothing worse than they've already heard from their five year old. No one should miss out on this delightful book

---YETS! book two reviewed by Jim Johnson

Mike Bocianowski's Yets! comics have always been excellent examples of what the comic industry needs more of; his stories can be enjoyed by young and old, they're good-natured, they're accessible, and they're just plain fun.

So his latest graphic novel is a welcome addition indeed, with the return of his likeable, and yes, adorable, cast of animal inhabitants who cruise above the pleasant world of Chlem, a giant floating tree that serves as home for story's cast members. Well, it's mostly pleasant; below the idyllic treetops exists the warring mankind, and below ground legend has it that a giant creature lives feeding on the trees' roots. And when one of the cast is captured by the warmongering humans, the rest of the crew encounters man and creature alike.

But even the so-called bad guys are pretty good-natured, so there's nothing to drag down the light-hearted tone of this book.

---YETS! book three reviewed by Jim Johnson